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Clayton Clemetson and Audrey Budington are two of those rare and beautiful lights that shine together as one light.

Their music dreams into being an ever changing landscape, where journeys unfold with passion and joy, like cloud shadows over a valley. Hearing them perform, we are unassumingly invited to discover and experience compositions of well crafted depth and originality, played with soulful courage. Music, that is at its heart honest and timeless, like morning sunlight, deep forest shade and breathing open sky.

Listening to their first duo CD together: ‘The Cat Has No Time For You’, I am simultaneously made aware of how far they have travelled on their journey and how in many ways this offering is only just the beginning.

We are all fortunate that two such artists have found one another, and that they are so generously and unconditionally committed to their craft.

Adam Broome
Musician, composer, event organizer
# 4 - Adam Broome 03/23/2015 - 12:06 - City: Stanstead - State: QC - Country: Canada
I recently attended a house concert featuring Audrey and Clayton and was moved to tears as they played. They exude joy and embody the music. I was amazed at the depth of their music together and felt honored to be witness.
# 3 - Caitlin 03/22/2015 - 09:02 - City: - State: MA - Country:
Audrey & Clayton played a house concert at our home in Cambridge this past Saturday, and I was so impressed with them. They are so incredibly talented, and I absolutely feel like their music affected me on a soul level. We had a house full of guests here to hear them play (26 people all together, including kids), and everyone was just so impressed and amazed. They were so generous with the audience---many children were in attendance and had questions, as did the adults, and both Audrey and Clayton happily answered everyone's questions. They were so professional and composed AND were accessible and friendly. They were so exemplary in front of young, impressionable eyes, and all the parents were so impressed on so many levels.
# 2 - Misty 03/19/2015 - 16:32 - City: Cambridge - State: MA - Country:
“If you are hoping to hear great music of pure, extraordinary quality that creates a peaceful atmosphere and generates conversation rather than overpowers it, you should look no farther. These are highly skilled young musicians with a sound that is original and creative and at the same time familiar and relaxing.”
–Lily and Vivek Rao, Washington D.C., November 2013
After playing at our engagement party
# 1 - Lily and Vivek Rao 03/19/2015 - 16:07 - City: Washington D.C. - State: - Country:

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